TraXX 2019

TraXX 2019 was an amazing start to this annual tradition! We all played so many great games and had fantastic experiences with people from near and far! Thank you attendees! For four days and evenings (and beyond), 47 people gathered in Denver, Colorado to celebrate the camaraderie and the excitement of the 18XX genre of train games.

Adding to the excitement, All Aboard Games and Golden Spike Games were in attendance and delivered games to attendees – because it is always fun to get new games!

Several game designers and play-testers were also in attendance, often bringing in-progress titles to the convention. Titles such as 18GB, 18Chesapeake, 1822 Northern Regional Scenario, 18Dortmund, 1840: Streetcars of Vienna, 1882: Assiniboia Canada. Rare games were also available for play, 1898 and 1827 to name a couple!

One of my favorite experiences (there were so many) is the special lunch we had on Friday. An amazing food truck, Cocotaso Food Truck, came and served the attendees incredibly excellent food. They will DEFINITELY be back in 2020!

All in all, TraXX 2019 was an out of this world experience for us. We cannot wait to see you all at TraXX 2020 and make even more tremendous memories! Some photographs of TraXX 2019 can be found here.