Special Games

On this page, we will add details about special games that will be at TraXX 2019.

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Tyler McLaughlin


Designed by Michael Carter, Jeremy Long, and Alexandra Sime, long-time role players playing campaigns in the Eberron setting since its inception in 2004, 18EB is an 18xx game in the spirit of Francis Tresham’s 1829 set in the Eberron fantasy campaign setting. Specific elements of Eberron’s history were used as inspiration for gameplay mechanics unique to 18EB. During the pre-Galifar era, the continent of Khorvaire was composed of many fractious small nations. 18EB(Unification) models the early game after the small disconnected collection of nations as Minor Companies, then moving on to a merger mechanic in the mid-game that will allow them to become Major Companies (one of the Five Nations). At the mid-game, the Day of Mourning takes place, destroying all infrastructure in the nation of Cyre and transforming it into the Mournland. The White Arch Bridge between Thaliost and Rekkenmark is also destroyed, severing the board into a relatively sparse eastern half, and a relatively dense western half. The companies must then undertake a period of Reconstruction to rejoin the two halves of the board and maximize their revenue from east-west routes during the end-game.

While experiencing the Eberron setting, each of the designers have served as a DM over the years. So, when the 18xx bug bit them, the concept for 18EB fairly fell from their collective minds following a game of 1861. As every gaming group worth its salt that has played in Eberron, they’ve had a lightning rail train heist or two. It’s not a long walk from realizing that, “Hey, Eberron has trains!” to figuring out how to turn it into an 18xx game.

The designers fully realize that the intersection of the sets of 18xx gamers and role-players is vanishingly small. This matters to them not at all. Regardless, they have striven to make 18EB a fully-legitimate 18xx drawing thematic elements from the Eberron campaign setting without bringing random elements or overly-turgid rules. 18EB draws 18XX mechanical elements from 1889, 1822, 1861, and 18Chesapeake.

The designers do not intend to distribute the game, as Eberron is the IP of Wizards of the Coast. Therefore, 18EB is a project undertaken solely the name of fun; fueled by the twin passions of Eberron and 18XX games. They are bringing their game to TraXX 2019 to share good times at the table with anyone that is interested in joining them.


All Aboard Games

Scott Petersen is attending TraXX and is planning to bring several prototype games that he hopes to publish. If you’d like to be in on a round of play testing, here is an opportunity to do so! Scott is looking for feedback and intelligence on which titles make people excited to see brought over the finish line!

Chris Lawson’s and Steve Thomas’ large western US map has a lot of historical flavor. Some of the mechanisms that people know and love like 1822’s auctions evolved from this game.

Fred Campbell’s take on the 1822 system in the eastern US. The minors have special abilities like the private companies in 1822 and there is an extra layer of freight/passenger train operations. Just got a massive overhaul this year to make it more playable.

With final production artwork.

New 1822 Variants
North Regional Scenario (currently playable). Mexico (maybe playable by April). United States (maybe playable by April)

Rolling Stock Stars
Will be here with its final artwork.

Tyler McLaughlin

Tyler is an avid collector of 18XX. His collection is quite large and contains many rare games as well as “games that almost were”. He has maintained relationships with many game authors over the years and is often involved in play testing new games. He is planning to bring the following games to TraXX 2019.

18DO: Dortmund
Hopefully 18DO will be released by Marflow Games in 2019. From Wolfram’s write up on BGG: The focus of the game is on the railways and the breweries. Every player starts the game with a private brewery. Later in the game brewery corporations may be founded. These are able to produce beer for the export market which will be delivered by the railway corporations which have trains which can transport export beer. Each operating round is split into a railway round and a brewery round. Railway corporations act in the railway round only in a typical 18XX manner. During the brewery round the breweries deliver beer to the Dortmund beer market according to their capacity. They can invest in new brewery equipment in order to scope with the changing requirements of the beer market. Each time a railway builds track to a coal mine or steel mill location it can in addition build a railway link to this location. The effect will be twofold, once the value of the hex is increase and secondly the demand for beer on the Dortmund beer market will be increased as well.

1840: Streetcars of Vienna
More info to come. Lonny Orgler’s current design effort.

1882: Assiniboia Canada
More info to come. A game set in Saskatchewan, Canada.

More info to come. 1817 Variant over all of North America.

Designed by Michael Brünker and released as a kit in 1999, 1898 is a variant of 1841 set in France. Apparently, only 100 copies were produced.

1827 is a large scale 18xx game by Federico Vellani, that was in play testing in the mid 1990’s, but was never released. The game is described by the author as being the first “monster game”. 1827 covers the 48 contiguous states of the USA and has has seven scenarios playable on either the west map, the east map, or both maps. 1827E is a 3- or 4-player scenario played on the eastern map section.